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This is the true story, of a strange lady, who picked up her life and moved it across the country, to see what happens when she stops being Cali and starts being Raleigh.

I have no idea why my brain kept wanting to work the intro to The Real World into this move, but it wasn’t going to shut up about it until I wrote it down, so here it is.

I was offline for a bit because posting was kind of a pain to do from my phone, especially if I wanted to add photos, so I waited until I could get my internet set up.

I got the internet turned on and my stuff got here on Monday. Jared and Josh from Superior Moving Systems got my stuff into the apartment on Tuesday morning (they were great and I highly recommend them, if you’re moving in the RDU area–just make sure you get THIS company and not the other Superior because that other outfit seems a bit shady). The contents of the Relo Cubes shifted a bit during transit and though there are some dinged shelves, nothing was broken. And I know you all were worried, so I’m happy to report that the cat trees were completely unscathed!





boxes boxes boxes
So. Many. Boxes.

I spent the last few days drowning in cardboard. I’ve got pretty much everything that was in cardboard unpacked and I tossed the empty boxes into the back of the Subaru and took them to the cardboard recycling bin at the complex. I still have a ton of stuff in plastic bins (mostly photography stuff). It is unsightly, but it is not something critical that I would need to deal with immediately.

Oh, and this happened.

snow-covered Subaru
Dude! Where’s my car?!?

It was like Nature said, “Oh, hey there! I heard you’ve missed having Real Seasons, living in the Bay Area. HERE’S HALF A FOOT OF SNOW FOR YOU! Enjoy!”


So I did get to finally enjoy a snow day, grateful that I did not need to travel in that weather. And, based on appearances, most of Raleigh shut down during the storm. And since I wasn’t going anywhere, I powered through unpacking the boxes. Once I got rid of the empty boxes and could access the entry closet again, I pulled out the vacuum and gave the floors a cleanup (I have faux hardwood in the office/dining room, kitchen, and living room. There is tile in the bathroom and carpet in the bedroom).

The Boys and I are slowly getting settled in and adjusting to chilly weather and having dogs as neighbors. So far, so good.

Here are some more photos I took of the storm, for your viewing pleasure.

snow people
We had some short-term neighbors move into the hood
snow person
I think this poor snow person needs a chiropractor.
snowy farm yard
The critters were tucked safely in their barn.
snow scene
Took a snowy walk around the apartment complex.
icicles on a car
As the snow slowly began to melt, icicles formed along the bottom of my car
Vicster in the snow
First snow I’ve seen in a veeeeery long time!

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