Alameda To Raleigh: Day Six

Y’all. I just drove from California to North Carolina. With two cats. And one very understanding and awesome friend. We got to the apartment a bit after 3:00 this afternoon, but not before driving through the heaviest rain I remember driving in. In the 13-1/2 years I’ve had Luna, I never once had the windshield…Continue reading Alameda To Raleigh: Day Six

Alameda to Raleigh: Day Four

After last night’s drama, today was relatively peaceful. I elected to skip the gabapentin dosing for Charlie and Clancy since trying to pill them created a lot of stress (not to mention some bloodshed on my part). Without the drugs, the Boys handled the 7+ hour drive like seasoned pros (they are telling me they…Continue reading Alameda to Raleigh: Day Four