Pets Are Family: Include Them In Your Emergency Plan

Well hello there! It’s been a minute since I’ve been here. The freelance hustle is non-stop and, well, this became fallow land.

Anyway, we’re at the height of hurricane season (not to be confused with Hurricanes Season, which will get underway in a few weeks). In fact, we already had Hurricane Dorian hit North Carolina a week ago. Thankful that we were, once again, spared here in Raleigh, but our coastal communities were hit pretty hard.

Obviously, making sure we’re prepared for an emergency is top of mind. Mostly, here, we prepare for loss of power, but it’s always good to have an evacuation plan ready to go (and hope you never need to run it).

I’ve created an infographic with important information to consider when you build an emergency kit for your pets.

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