Gear Geek: Sigma 10-20 Lens

My latest equipment acquisition is the Sigma 10-20 wide angle zoom lens. I got it specifically for scenic, landscape-y photos such as this shot of the Bay Bridge, taken from the ferry on my morning commute.

So far I’m really loving this lens. It’s obviously not an all-around lens like a 28-135, but it beautifully handles most of the shots I like to take. At f-4.0-5.6 it is quite a light hog, and it is quite heavy, so nighttime cityscapes are going to require a tripod (and, uh, NOT being on the bouncy ferry) if I’m going for a sharp, clear image.

But overall, this is a good, solid lens that has given me a great reason to start using my DSLR again for actually taking photos, instead of as an external meter for my Yashica Mat. I can’t wait to take it over to the Sutro Baths for more nighttime long exposure shots!

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