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Your Bloghostess, attempting a self-portrait.
Your Bloghostess, attempting a self-portrait.

I remember carrying a camera around starting around Grade Two. When I didn’t have my grandpa’s Kodak Instamatic, I had my own little 110 camera that was easy for me to slip in a pocket or in my satchel. As a painfully introverted child, the camera was my constant companion, allowing me to indulge my shy curiosity about the world.

Prints of select images may be purchased at VictoriaKlum.com. If you cannot find a copy of an image from this photoblog available for sale at VictoriaKlum.com, just email me: VicsterMail –at– gmail–dot–com.

All photographs and text © copyright Victoria Klum 2000-2011. Please do not copy, edit, print or re-post any images without my written consent.

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