Building 78


Alameda, CA

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5 Responses

  1. Eric Joy says:

    I worked in this building from ~ 1991-1993/1994 when it was MOTU-9 (Mobile Technical Unit Nine). We used to be in Building 230 on Treasure island but moved here at some point (I do not recall exactly when). I would love internal pictures OR allow me to go inside because I bet there is still a lot of MOTU looking stuff in there.

    • Vicster says:

      I’d love to get into some of these buildings, too. But there’s a lot of security around the base and they really frown on breaking and entering.

  2. Eric Joy says:

    Why not simply go through proper channels with the city? That is really usually all that is needed.

    • Vicster says:

      The last time I tried to go through the City of Alameda for access, they wouldn’t talk to me unless I showed them a $3 million insurance policy. Not so simple, really.

  3. Eric Joy says:

    Any luck on getting into the building yet? I cant imagine the security is too big now… also would ti be possible to get internal photos of Bldg 230 on YBI (37.823916, -122.366725) ?