5 thoughts on “Building 78

  1. I worked in this building from ~ 1991-1993/1994 when it was MOTU-9 (Mobile Technical Unit Nine). We used to be in Building 230 on Treasure island but moved here at some point (I do not recall exactly when). I would love internal pictures OR allow me to go inside because I bet there is still a lot of MOTU looking stuff in there.

    1. I’d love to get into some of these buildings, too. But there’s a lot of security around the base and they really frown on breaking and entering.

  2. Why not simply go through proper channels with the city? That is really usually all that is needed.

    1. The last time I tried to go through the City of Alameda for access, they wouldn’t talk to me unless I showed them a $3 million insurance policy. Not so simple, really.

  3. Any luck on getting into the building yet? I cant imagine the security is too big now… also would ti be possible to get internal photos of Bldg 230 on YBI (37.823916, -122.366725) ?

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