Return Of The Photo Blog

I really missed my photo blog.

Earlier this year I discovered that my host didn’t have my blog on a secure server, so I had to go through a big snarl to get my stuff transferred to a secure server.

Unfortunately, and what wasn’t made clear when I initiated this change, I was no longer allowed to have separate WP installs for Fresh Pixels and Use Your Words. (Actually, I was told I could have the two separate blogs at first, which made the outcome all the more disappointing.)

So I folded the Fresh Pixels post into this blog so that those posts wouldn’t get blown into the ether.

I’ve been pretty happy about this arrangement. Although I’ve been taking a LOT of photos over the summer, I can only post a few for portfolio purposes. But even still, I just felt meh about making photo blog posts on the word blog.

Then I remembered that my photo host has a blog feature, and I had put a test post up a year or two ago, so last night I decided I’d crank that engine again.

All that is to say that I’ve got a new post up today at

To be continued…

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