Mister Four and Mister Six

Clancy turned four (I think) around the beginning of June (maybe).

And Charlie turns six (I think) today (possibly).

Why don’t I know? Because both of these boys were abandoned by their previous families. Charlie was left behind when his family moved out of their home, and Clancy was found hanging out in back of Popeye’s in Oakland. From what the rescue group and veterinarians could tell, Charlie and Clancy were young cats when they were rescued, but they were not kittens. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they get birthdays some time during “kitten season” and I try to give them their own month. Simon was May, Charlie got July, and that leaves June just for Clancy.

There should be a special place in hell for people who abandon/dump their pets. But in the end it worked out pretty well for the three of us, I’d say. Whatever age My Boys are, I love them and I’m grateful for every single day that we have together.

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