I Will Vote

We are entering primary season in a midterm election year.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you can check here for the deadlines in your state and then register over here, or check with your state’s Board of Elections for alternative ways to register.

And once you are registered, be curious about who is running for office–from City Council to Congress–and what issues are on the ballot. Look beyond the party affiliation and see what each candidate actually stands for and how each ballot measure affects you and your community. Maybe you don’t like paying higher income or property taxes, but you do want the kids in your community to get a decent education, or you want to have to dodge fewer potholes on your commute.

If a candidate is an incumbent or has previously held an office, what is his/her record? Does this person vote in alignment with your values? What about the person running against the incumbent? Do you have a sense that she can bring new ideas that benefit your community?

Can you vote by mail? When do you need to mail your ballot in? Where is your polling place located, in case you cannot vote by mail, or missed the mailing deadline and need to drop it off?

Educate yourself.

AND VOTE, DAMMIT! ???????? ✔️

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