What I’m Listening To: Let’s Fix Work

My friend Laurie Ruettimann has a brand new podcast called “Let’s Fix Work” and it is fantastic!

Laurie and her guests have interesting, thought-provoking discussions about the often confusing relationship between employees and management. And for those of us who believe that blowing up our career is the right move, Laurie and her guests talk about shifting careers, side hustles, and the hard work of going out on your own. There is also a fascinating discussion with Scott Santens that explores Basic Income. It was a concept that I had heard of and had a certain amount of skepticism about it, which Laurie and Scott covered in their conversation.

I’ve been a fan of Laurie’s going back to her days as Punk Rock HR. Whether it’s work, human resources, cats, or life in general, she approaches her craft with the right mix of pragmatism and empathy. Instead of replicating those furtive, impromptu conferences we have with our co-workers in the restroom, where we complain about work and how disempowered we feel to effect any change, “Let’s Fix Work” inspires us, in a practical and accessible way, to think outside of our misery: to get clear on how we want to live and how much effort we are willing to put into making work–and life–suck less.

I highly encourage you to swing over to your friendly podcast purveyor and subscribe!