Please Stand By


I mentioned earlier that I was working on a refresh of my home page to spiffy it up for visitors and that I thought doing the coding myself was a great idea since I’ve also been itching to refresh and update my web development skills. So it’s taken a bit longer than I originally planned, since these are brain cells that I haven’t worked in quite a while. After fighting with the CSS for the better part of two weeks (yeah, yeah, I know), I finally realized that I was taking something that was simple-to-moderately complex and making it waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more difficult than it should be.

TLDR; If I can keep from making One More CSS Tweak that Picasso’s the whole thing again, I should have a new front page by the end of the week and regular-ish posting should resume soon thereafter.

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2 Responses

  1. Corinne says:

    I have been guilty of overcomplicating webby things too. I raise my glass to you in solidarity.