Lives Depend On It

I’ve checked the two big items off of my Civic Duty List this week.

✅ Early voting 🗳
✅ Flu shot 💉

North Carolina’s early voting opened up last week, so I went to the polls on Tuesday. I was pleased that the staff was organized and easy to work with. My location used paper ballots, which is my preference. If your polling place still uses machines, please check your results carefully. Some locations in NC report that machines were registering votes incorrectly.

I live in a state now where the GOP-heavy legislature is attempting all sorts of fuckery to disenfranchise voters in this state, including a state constitutional amendment requiring voter I.D. The advertisements in support of this amendment are vile and cynical. The only people “stealing” your right to vote in North Carolina are the GOP. They can only gerrymander districts so much in their desperate attempts to hold onto their power, so this amendment is another attempt to shut out eligible voters who might typically vote for progressive candidates and measures.

You don’t have to like Democrats, but please don’t fall for the rhetoric that suggests “criminal” immigrants are stealing votes.

Do NOT take your right to vote for granted! If you’re registered, double-check that your registration is still valid. And, for goodness sake, VOTE. Vote early, if your state allows it. Vote by mail, if your state allows it. Vote on November 6th, if you can’t vote early or by mail.

Yesterday was Flu Shot Day. I had no particular reason for putting it off for so long, other than I wanted to check with my insurance provider to make sure it was covered and yesterday was when I finally got around to it.

I went to Target and signed into the MinuteClinic. Well, during this time of the year it’s more like HourClinic but it’s Target and I can easily spend an hour wandering around the store. When I checked in, I had the option of having them send a text message when my appointment was within 30 minutes. When it was my turn, the nurse practitioner put my information into the computer, gave me my shot and I was on my way within five minutes. My insurance covered the shot, so I wasn’t charged and I even got a $5 Target coupon!

What’s astonishing is that I spent an hour in Target and bought NOTHING.


PLEASE get a flu shot. It protects you and, more importantly, it protects your family and neighbors who are unable to get a shot.

get yo flu shot

Get yo flu shot!

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