partial eclipse

About Last Night

Last night’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse was a gorgeous sight! Alas, it occurred directly overhead here in my neck of the woods and I just didn’t find quite the right spot to capture it.

Also, it was really cold outside. By the time the eclipse reached its peak, my feet and legs were DONE and I retreated back inside for a hot bath.

I like what I got with the early eclipse shots, but am not particularly happy with the full eclipse ones (I nearly fell off of my little stool having to lean back so far to take photos). So…definitely not portfolio shots, but I’m grateful I was able to witness such beauty.

full moon

partial eclipse

partially-eclipsed full moon

nearly fully-eclipsed full moon

super blood wolf moon eclipse

2 thoughts on “About Last Night

    1. Thanks, Alix. That’s the one image out of the bunch that I really like, too. 🙂

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