Stuff I Saw Recently: Sunrise Edition

“…as the seasons roll on by.”

Now that we’re half way through summer, the days are getting shorter and I’m starting to see the sunrise again each morning, as I wait for the ferry.

Last Wednesday there was a crazy reflection of the rising sun off of some of the buildings in San Francisco. The rose-gold was stunning, though neither my phone camera nor this point-and-shoot could do it the proper justice.

The August 2, 2017 sunrise is reflecting off of the buildings in San Francisco.

(Bonus appearance by @KarlTheFog, stretching an arm across the skyline.)

The following morning, I caught the sun rising up over the Oakland Hills. I’m not sure what tall sail ship they’re working on next door (I don’t think it’s the Balclutha, as I’ve heard it is still in its usual spot over by Fishermen’s Wharf), but I liked the look of it (and my beloved AT-AT cranes) against the sunrise.

sunrise over the east bay hills
The sun rises over the Oakland Hills on Thursday, August 3, 2017. Taken from the ferry terminal in Alameda, California.

On Her 80th Birthday, A Tribute To The Golden Gate Bridge

For most of us, it is nearly impossible to envision the Golden Gate–that area of the San Francisco Bay where it joins up with the Pacific Ocean–without the majestic presence of the Golden Gate Bridge (the bridge took her name from the location, not the other way around). Still, it just seems like she was always meant to be in that very spot, and just bided her time until humans evolved enough to be able to help her rise.

In my nearly quarter century of living in the Bay Area, I’ve crossed the bridge on foot only a few times, but every trip has left me wondering why I don’t make that trek more often.

Victoria Klum Photography: Photoblog &emdash; Abstract Gate

By crossing the bridge slowly on foot, instead of racing across by car, my senses get to savor much of what I love here: the delicious brine of the air with an occasional hint of eucalyptus, the way seasons seem to change hourly, watching all kinds of sea and shore life from porpoises to pelicans, hearing dozens of different languages spoken as I pass fellow travelers, observing the busy ship and ferry traffic. And then there is the absolute wonder of the structure itself: the intricate patterns of the rivets, and how it feels alive, when I feel the vibrations through the cables.

Victoria Klum Photography: Photoblog &emdash; Tower

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Lady! May you watch over the San Francisco Bay for many many more years to come.

Victoria Klum Photography: Photoblog &emdash; Golden Gate from Angel Island

Every. Single. Time.

I am very happy that I will be showing a selection of my photographs at Portal 18 this weekend. I never remember how labor-intensive preparing photographs to show is, though. The process usually goes like this:

1. Print/have prints made;
2. Wipe down work area before matting/framing;
3. Mat each photo;
4. Write title of photo and name on the mat;
   4a. Screw up on penmanship and/or the pen coughs up a hairball;
   4b. Get a new mat and start over;
5. Take the back off of the frame and wipe down the glass
6. Put matted photo in the frame;
7. Flip the frame around to inspect for dust/smudges;
8. Remove photo and wipe down the glass again;
9. Replace photo and flip frame around again;
10. Remove photo and wipe down the glass again;
11. Replace photo and flip frame around again;
12. Find another piece of dust;
13. Wipe down work area again;
14. Remove photo from frame and wipe down glass again;
15. Replace photo and flip frame around again;
16. Find a cat hair on the mat;
17. Cuss/cry;
18. Make a cup of tea;
19. Remove photo from frame and wipe down glass. Again.
20. Replace photo and flip frame around again;
21. Find a small speck;
   21a. Decide no one else will notice, and so what if they do because if I have to take the photo out and wipe that damn glass on more time, I’m going to smash it.
22. Seal up the back of the photo;
23. One last wipe down of the glass and frame;
24. Vow that the next time I will pay whatever sum of money necessary to have a professional frame the photos.
25. Admire your lovely framed photos;
26. Deliver photos;
27. Find the nearest cupcake provider BECAUSE I’VE EARNED IT.