30 April, 2010

Thinking is HARD! 

So, after tonight, Blogger will no longer support self-hosted blogs and I've chosen not to migrate Thinking Out Loud to Blogspot because, if I had wanted my blog to be there, I would have done that in the first place.

When I got the reminder from Blogger earlier in the week, there was a minor amount of wailing, gnashing of teeth and fist shaking at the computer screen. But, ya know, it's a free service and I've no real justification for complaining or flouncing off in a huff. And let's face it, posting here has been minimal lately, owing to a serious case of ennui, and I've been thinking about migrating the blog to WordPress, anyway. So, as the deadline approached, I ran up against other things that needed my attention that are on a similar deadline and migrating this blog to WordPress cannot happen until I finish migrating my entire Website to another server. As the week, and indeed the month, drew to a close, I realized that the server migration--and the extravaganza that entails--wasn't going to be finished in time.

So I've decided to close Thinking Out Loud. It's not the end of my blogging (sorry, haters!): I plan to pick it up again, as I get other parts of my life back in control and (Maude willing) start getting some energy back. For the time being you can find me on Posterous, where I intend to fire up the Simon Sunday posts again, since he is the World's Cutest Kitteh-Boy and it's criminal for me to keep all that cuteness for myself!

In closing, I just want to express my gratitude: to this place, where I shared a bunch of stuff that was rattling around in my head, and to all of you who read and commented here. I'll see you in Chapter 2!

*covers the furniture in old bed sheets, turns out the lights and closes the door*



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