10 April, 2009

The One About the Conservatives And Their Sexual Repressi...Uh, Obsession? 

The bastardization of NOM is unforgivable and I'm totally on board with Ana Marie Cox's campaign to take back the NOM.

That said, I'm not sure if their "Two Million For Marriage" campaign acronym (uh, that would be 2M4M) can be put down to repressed desires or a case of a PR department that is unfamiliar with using teh Googlez to do some due diligence, you know, to be sure someone else isn't already using your catchy new 'nym.


I no more than cleaned off the beverage I spat all over my monitor before I was confronted with Faux Newz leading the charge to teabag Obama! *

Hmmmm, so they are pro-teabagging but anti-stimulus. TALK ABOUT REPRESSED.

(*if you're unfamiliar with the modern meaning of the term "teabagging", you should give wikipedia a visit...)

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