26 March, 2008

Giving Jay Leno My Gayest Look 

Melissa McEwan over at Shakesville reminded me why I refuse to watch Jay Leno and, inspired by playwright Jeff Whitty's response to Leno, has amassed a very impressive collection of Shakesville's Gayest Looks for Leno.

Yours Truly is in the mix, as is Dan Savage and Armisted Maupin (FTW!). If you'd like to send in Your Gayest Look for Jay Leno, Liss has a link to do so at the top of the "Gayest Looks for Leno" post.

edited to add: Now you can see the gallery of gayest looks for Leno on My Gayest Look. Also posted is the segment with Ryan Phillippe that prompted this response and a link to donate your own gayest look to the gallery.

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