30 April, 2010

Thinking is HARD! 

So, after tonight, Blogger will no longer support self-hosted blogs and I've chosen not to migrate Thinking Out Loud to Blogspot because, if I had wanted my blog to be there, I would have done that in the first place.

When I got the reminder from Blogger earlier in the week, there was a minor amount of wailing, gnashing of teeth and fist shaking at the computer screen. But, ya know, it's a free service and I've no real justification for complaining or flouncing off in a huff. And let's face it, posting here has been minimal lately, owing to a serious case of ennui, and I've been thinking about migrating the blog to WordPress, anyway. So, as the deadline approached, I ran up against other things that needed my attention that are on a similar deadline and migrating this blog to WordPress cannot happen until I finish migrating my entire Website to another server. As the week, and indeed the month, drew to a close, I realized that the server migration--and the extravaganza that entails--wasn't going to be finished in time.

So I've decided to close Thinking Out Loud. It's not the end of my blogging (sorry, haters!): I plan to pick it up again, as I get other parts of my life back in control and (Maude willing) start getting some energy back. For the time being you can find me on Posterous, where I intend to fire up the Simon Sunday posts again, since he is the World's Cutest Kitteh-Boy and it's criminal for me to keep all that cuteness for myself!

In closing, I just want to express my gratitude: to this place, where I shared a bunch of stuff that was rattling around in my head, and to all of you who read and commented here. I'll see you in Chapter 2!

*covers the furniture in old bed sheets, turns out the lights and closes the door*



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24 February, 2010

Memo to Miss Beverly Hills 2010 

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23 February, 2010

I Make Sacrifices 

As a general rule, I like most animals. However, I've had an...let's call it an issue, regarding rodents. Mice, rats...I just can't deal with them. However, I'm trying very hard to work through my squeamishness because Simon's favorite scenes in his Cat Sitter DVD are the ones with the rats and mice. And he likes it when I watch with him.

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12 January, 2010

The Earthquake in Haiti 

There really isn't a whole lot I can say about this horrible disaster that others haven't said. The images are simultaneously horrifying and heartbreaking.

These people have so little. The infrastructure is nearly non-existent and so many people there are lucky to even have shelter. Zennie's blog on SFGate has a list of options for donating, if you are able.  If you are unable to donate materially, just send your prayers (if you're so inclined) and good thoughts for their safety and recovery.

For those of us who live in earthquake-prone areas, let this be motivation to get your earthquake kits together for your home (don't forget your furkids!) and for your car.

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10 January, 2010

Simon Sunday: Yup. 

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

All right, Simon Fans. I've tried writing today's post twice only to have Firefox crap out and make me lose what I had written. So we'll just have to make do with a recent photo of me and Simon and hopefully Firefox will have sorted out some of its stability issues in time for next Sunday's post.


A Girl And Her Schmoopie Poo :-)

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03 January, 2010

An Update on Floyd 


You may recall, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to sorely miss two of the kitties that were moving away, Marlowe and ol' Grampa Floyd. Well, as it turns out, his human was told she couldn't take him to their new home, so he's going to stay here at the apartment complex, the only home he really knows. Between my two upstairs neighbors and me, we're going to make sure he's well cared-for.

I'm sad for our former neighbor, but I'm kinda glad Floydie will be sticking around. He's a sweet, if shy, fella.

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Simon Sunday: Cat Sitter 

As I mentioned last week, we got a new television set over the holidays. Even though the screen is smaller than the 36" Quasar c.1983/4 set that has been working faithful since shortly after my high school graduation, it is quite an upgrade. There are some frustrations with it, pertaining to my cable hook up (seriously, I though having a cable-ready TV meant not needing the converter box and RF modulator! GRRRRR!). However, Simon is quite happy to spend hours watching his Cat Sitter DVD on the new TV:


He's also a hockey fan. Here's a photo of him watching the Sharks/Stars game. Go Sharks!

Go Sharks!

I expect that soon he will request a TV tray and a dish of Greenies be placed next to his scratch post seat.

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27 December, 2009

Simon Sunday: The Return 

Cutest. Reindeer. Ever.

Yes, yes I know: Thinking Out Loud was sorely neglected in 2009. I'm going to try to change that in the New Decade. Specifically, I intend to keep up my Simon Sunday posts, since I know there are some of you out there who have missed his antics. To kick things off again for Simon Sunday, here's a photo of him dressed as the most adorable reindeer ever!

Simon has been doing well since his pancreatitis attack earlier this year. He remains on a very strict diet of Prescription i/d (dry and canned), with a very occasional tiny bite of cheese or bread (shhhhh! Do NOT tell his vet, plskthx). I'm still amazed that he and Billie will devour canned food now when less than a year ago they would give me the hairy eyeball if I ever tried to serve it to them. I'm glad that their diet is better balanced between the two, since having good, quality wet food can help to ward off UTIs and kidney issues (fingers crossed).

We have a new addition to the household. After hemming and hawing for a year or so, I finally upgraded my 1984 Quasar to a new Samsung television. One of the first things we watched was the Cat Sitter DVD and was Simon ever bewitched and beguiled! I parked his scratch post (with a top platform) near the front of the TV and he couldn't get enough of all the critters frolicking on the TV. I decided to go with the 26" model and, after viewing the DVD I'm glad I did: Had he been suddenly confronted by a 42" rat, I'm afraid Simon would have crapped his bloomers! I took some photos from his DVD extravaganza that I'll post once I download them from he camera.

Sadly, we've lost some buddies the last quarter of 2009. Simon's darling (ex) girlfriend Samantha got ill and passed away at the beginning of September and, just days later, her brother, Baby was hit and killed by a car. Thankfully, their sister Simone is still with us, though she rarely comes outside since her brother and sister died so suddenly. The Elder Statesmen of our complex, Mr. Floyd and Mr. Marlowe (who I never could get a decent photo of because he preferred nosing the camera to posing for he) recently moved away to a new home and, while Simon and Billie tend to be anti-social with other kitties and remain ambivalent, I miss all of them terribly.

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26 December, 2009

Looking Forward 

I bought myself a Moleskine Daily Planner for 2010. I decided over the weekend that I want to do a photo-a-day project in the coming year. Since I shoot so much film and as awesome as Arthur Cox (my Nikon F2) is, he doesn't add metadata to my negatives, LOL! So I bought the calendar to keep track of my shots and ideas for shoots.

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A Christmas Eve Story 

I had a Border's coupon burning a hole in my email in-box, so I printed it out and headed toward Alameda Town Center (actually, it's written Alameda Towne Centre but I that is so hilariously pretentious I can't bear to spell it like that). On Christmas Eve day. I should stop typing this post right now and make an appointment to have my head examined, I know. Anyway, I had given myself the "just hold your shit together" pep talk, trying to prepare myself for the hoardes that were surely descending on the mall. I didn't make it very far in before I found myself blasting my horn and flipping off some nasty cow in a silver Infinity who ran the stop sign and cut me off. Happily, I managed to get a decent parking spot near the book store. I switched off the motor and got out of the car.

As I walked toward the entrance to Borders, I saw two cars in the lane, clearly at a stand off over a soon-to-open-up parking spot. Only trouble was, neither driver would move and the poor woman in the parking spot couldn't back out because there wasn't enough room. I watched this for several seconds, then looked at the woman in the parking spot. She just shook her head. So I made an appeal to the two drivers.

"Look," I said, "Both of you want this spot, but since you're both here, this woman can't back out, so neither of you can have this spot! So you all lose, here. One of you is going to have to let this go and back off so she can get out!" I indicated the woman still trying to back out of the parking spot. Both drivers stared at me, neither one willing to budge even an inch.

I tried again. "ONE of you needs to move!" I made a separation gesture with my hands. "Come on, someone here must have some holiday spirit! Please, let this woman get out of the spot, then you can fight over it!"

They both backed up! "THANK YOU!" I called out to the drivers. The woman smiled and thanked me as she backed out of the parking spot. I didn't even look back to see which driver ended up with the parking spot. A guy in a Jeep who had watched the whole thing smiled at me and gave a thumbs-up as I passed him. "That was fuckin' awesome!" he said.

I bought my 2010 Photographers' Market with my 30% off coupon and got the hell away from the mall as fast as I could.


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10 August, 2009

Minor Furniture Shifting 

Streetcar Blur

I have shuffled my Visual Cues photoblog off of the Blogger platform and into WordPress and given it a new name. (Thinking Out Loud may also be moving into WP but probably not until later in the year.)

Fresh Pixels can be found at www.vicster.net/photography. I've brought over all of your favorites from Visual Cues but I'm leaving the old Visual Cues stuff in place because y'all still get directed there from the search engines.

(Shameless Plug) A selection of prints is available for sale at www.victoriaklum.com. If you saw something on the blog that you don't see there, email me.

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26 July, 2009

Simon Sunday: Cheer Up, Big Guy! 


So last Wednesday Simon had a follow-up appointment to have his eye re-checked and it was a good thing he did. He experienced a setback on Saturday when, after I had taken the e-collar off so he could groom and get a decent nap, his eye became irritated again and teared up. By the time he finished his supper he was really trying to dig at that eye with his paw, so I had to shove the e-collar back on him. It did not come off again until he went into the carrier before his appointment.

He seemed to steadily improve for the next few days, though he whimpered a couple of times when I tried to pick him up. Since both times were just prior to putting ointment in his eye, it was hard to tell if he was in pain or if he was dreading another eye-gooping. When we got up Wednesday morning, outside of the pre-treatment whimper, everything seemed fine until he barfed up his breakfast. I felt so horrible for him and was trying to not show how worried and dismayed I was. I had given him a little bit of Prescription i/d canned food (about 1 tsp. Monday night and another tsp. Tuesday night). It was supposed to be easy on his stomach, though. I couldn't believe that small amount would upset his system like that! I went to work and proceeded to worry all day long.

When I came home from work I did my now daily Barf Check. I found that, after I left for work, Simon had horked up a hairball. A very very HUGE hairball.

"OH MY GOD, YOU ATE BILLIE!" I cried. But then she meowed behind me, so I knew she was safe and wholly intact. I reckoned that that hairball was the likely culprit for this morning's mess and felt quite relieved. A few minutes later we were off to the vet's office, Simon singing a tragic opera aria in his carrier in the back seat. (Damn, that cat can hold a note!)

I reported the recent events to the vet and she agreed with me that it must have been the hairball that triggered the morning's Barf-O-Rama and she said to go ahead and continue feeding him the canned i/d. She then took him in the other room so she could examine his eye. While they were in the back, I remembered he was getting low on kibble so I got a bag, wondering if it would really be terribly uncouth to request some sort of Frequent Buyer plan where I could get a packet of Advantage or a free visit for every $1,000 I spend there (I think we're at $1,500 for this year already).

A few minutes later the vet brought him out and said his eye was completely healed (much to MY relief) and that we didn't have to have any more ointment or e-collar (much to SIMON'S relief). Then they tallied the bill. They only charged me for the bag of food, so I got that free office visit after all! WIN!

Simon is pretty much back to his old self, now. He's been having his nightly cat crazies, he'll randomly walk over and slap Billie and he's back into full swing with his Wake-Up-Routine, even using an old favorite tactic of his (brushing the hair from my face with his paw then grabbing a chunk in his mouth and yanking on it).

So, at least for today, Simon is healthy, Billie is eating well (in fact, as I write this, she is yelling at me for more food!), and I'm feeling more human and less dizzy. May this last for a very very long time.

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